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Our expansive category knowledge and experience enable us to “drill down” to the most essential recruiting specs prior to questionnaire design and approval in order to find the best respondents for a given study.

Our in house recruiting centre is staffed with well-trained recruiters experienced in recruiting for consumer focus groups, in-depth interviews, shop alongs, quaIi-quants, mystery shops and on-line bulletin boards.  Our expertise allows clients to select the best venue for their research whether at a facility, by phone, at home, in an office or other off-site location.

Our dedicated daytime team of executive recruiters has focused solely on recruiting for our B2B and medical projects. They have developed strong expertise and relationships within both the business and medical communities.  As a result, we are able to successfully recruit business leaders, CFO’s, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and patients across North America.  We have become known for our ability to recruit even the hardest to find Key Opinion Leaders.

We have submitted and screened all of our respondents through the MRIA Central Files system since opening in 1998!

Quality Response

“Just a quick note to say that last night's groups were extremely well recruited. And your host as always was a great help.

Once again, thanks for a job well done.  Always a pleasure.”

”I just wanted to let you know that everyone showed!

The moderator was very happy with all the interviews.

Thank you for another excellent study!"

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